Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Am I a Photographer?

A photograph of a mug is probably not the image you would expect to see in a boudoir photographer's blog. But this mug reminds me as to why I am a photographer.

The mug was a gift from a client several years ago. The evening she came to pick up her order, she handed me a gift wrapped box. I don't receive gifts from clients very often, so I ripped open the paper and found this beautiful hand made mug and a thank you note. Then she explained...

She had just recently left her husband  and an abusive relationship. He repeatedly told her she was ugly, and worthless, and when you're told something often enough, you begin to believe it. But our simple photography session helped change that. She was a beautiful young woman, and during the session I told her many times how beautiful she was, and how gorgeous she was in the photographs. It was a long time since she had those words.

The mug now sits in our cupboard, rarely used, for fear of damage. But it continues to remind me as to why I am a photographer, and just how important our images and words can really be.