Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Preparing For Your Fitness Shoot

With MABBA Novice coming up we have a lot of athletes booked with us that are doing their first professional photoshoot, so we will try and give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for the shoot. Having professional photos taken when you are in shape is an awesome way to keep a record of your progress. Having a photo record really allows you to document your physique progress and it’s such a motivating and fun goal on its own.

Some things to think about before your photoshoots are; what is the theme you are looking for, what kind of outfits would you like to wear; are you shooting to submit to magazines, if so do the magazines have specific criteria. Is this photoshoot going to be used as a gift for your spouse or family? Are you looking for cute or sexy or fun type of shots, or little bit of all of those? Plan a little so you have some ideas, then discuss them with us. Get creative. Send us some links to images you like. Load some onto your phone and review them with us before we start shooting. We always pull inspiration from your suggestions and it helps to get our creative juices flowing in the direction you’d like the photoshoot to go.

Once you have your theme in mind you can begin to think of the details like your hair, makeup, tan, nails, accessories, outfits and overall colours. We work with makeup artists and hairstylists in case you don't want to look after those details yourself. Practice your facial expressions and poses in front of the mirror – it may sound strange but you will be happy you did. All of these details add to the success of your images (plus they are part of the fun!).

Depending on the length of the shoot, you may want to pack some food so you stay on top of your healthy eating. Avoid tight fitting clothing that may leave marks on your skin. We have weights in the studio so you can pump up before we actually start taking photographs.

Always bring more accessories and outfits then you expect to wear because you never know what might pop up and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity. If you are doing your own makeup, or having it done before you arrive, bring your hair spray and your makeup bag for touchups.
We often ask you to sign a model release so that we can use the photographs for studio display, website and social media use, but this is totally optional and don't feel pressured into signing it. Most clients, however, are flattered and look forward to seeing their photos displayed. On the day of your shoot you are welcome to bring someone with you.

Lastly, have fun! If anything you will gain experience in front of the camera and end up with some fabulous shots of all your hard work that you can show your kids (or grand-kids)!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beach Shoots

Photoshoots at the beach have always been popular and this summer was no exception. We travelled to great locations with isolated sandy beaches and others with rocky shores and rushing water. Summer is quickly fading, but we still have time for a few more sessions. And with shorter days, we can shoot at sunset and get back home at a reasonable hour.

Check our website under specials for details on special pricing in effect until September 28, or contact us to discuss your session.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we are introducing our Monday Mini Session. You can book a one hour session, excluding hair and makeup, for only $79!! You have your choice of sets and as many outfit changes as time will allow. Book now as spots will certainly fill fast. 204-477-0768 or email

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monday Madness Boudoir Sessions

On October 7th and 21st we are offering an unbelievable price on our boudoir sessions. A one hour session, including hair styling and makeup by the amazing Kaila for only $99! Reserve your spot now as they are sure to fill quickly. All sessions must be prepaid at time of booking. Call 204-477-0768 or email for more info.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day sessions are booking fast. Don't be disappointed, reserve your spot soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Am I a Photographer?

A photograph of a mug is probably not the image you would expect to see in a boudoir photographer's blog. But this mug reminds me as to why I am a photographer.

The mug was a gift from a client several years ago. The evening she came to pick up her order, she handed me a gift wrapped box. I don't receive gifts from clients very often, so I ripped open the paper and found this beautiful hand made mug and a thank you note. Then she explained...

She had just recently left her husband  and an abusive relationship. He repeatedly told her she was ugly, and worthless, and when you're told something often enough, you begin to believe it. But our simple photography session helped change that. She was a beautiful young woman, and during the session I told her many times how beautiful she was, and how gorgeous she was in the photographs. It was a long time since she had those words.

The mug now sits in our cupboard, rarely used, for fear of damage. But it continues to remind me as to why I am a photographer, and just how important our images and words can really be.